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12 ноября 2021

О будущем дизайна ближайшие 25 лет, популярности тренда Care и моде на устойчивые технологии

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  • Лука Никетто

    CEO Nichetto Studio


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  • Данияр Удербеков

    Данияр Удербеков


    Should furniture and objects themselves disappear without a trace from the space of the house over time, say 10-20 years?

  • Natalia  Bolgova

    Natalia Bolgova


    Dear Luka and Interiorplusdesign, thank you for an interesting and inspiring discussion. Luca, what are your sequential steps in creating a concept for a new object - from idea to material selection, taking into account the requirements of sustainable development? Does the choice of sustainable material often make it difficult to implement an idea?

  • Tanya Belokhina

    Tanya Belokhina


    Luca, you also work as an art director for Wittmann. What makes the company special?

  • Юлиана Хромова

    Юлиана Хромова


    Luca, hello. Thank you for your conversation. Should a designer participate in the fight against overproduction? How do you think it should be done? If this is an interior "out of time", then how to teach the interior of a house to adapt to a person? thanks for your reply

  • Денис Францев

    Денис Францев


    Всем привет! Ждем ваши вопросы для Луки